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inload is a software package for performing efficient loading, strength and stability calculations for sea-going vessels carrying liquid or bulk cargo. The main features that make inLoad unique, include:Accuracy: inLoad provides a platform for efficient and accurate calculations of ship’s stability and strength without the compromise of using pre-calculated tabular data as most of the programs use today.Safety: This platform is also used for applying loading optimization and loading sequence optimization techniques towards the determination of safer and more effective loading procedures.

User oriented: Makes the life of operators and engineers much easier in providing them with a collection of sophisticated tools available in high-end ship design software – or not available anywhere else at all!

Approved: In addition to the various specific ship approvals inLoad has also been certified with General approval issued from Lloyd’s Register

Figure 2. Stability-strength results at a glance

Figure 1. inLoad visualisation capabilities

Easy to use: Easy to use interface which can be adapted to the user’s needs. Comprehensive loading of tanks as well as creation, loading and saving of loading cases.

Fast: Accurate results in incredibly short times (compared with leading ship design software).

High quality / price ratio.

Reliable: Reliable database support, without the need of any third-party software.

Flexible: Flexible reporting tools. The html and rtf formats used may be viewed and transferred as easy as any other web page or word document. Formatting and customization can be performed with ordinary word processors.

Multiple platform: Multiple platform support (Microsoft Windows ©, LINUX and other UNIX based platforms).

Easy to read: Easy to read and customize 2D-plots using in-house plotting library inPlot2D

Advanced: Automatic loading optimization procedures using sophisticated in-house algorithms.

If you need more information download inLoad’s brochure. Or, if you would like to try the software, we would be delighted to provide  you with a fully functional demo. Please fill in the form below: